December 20, 2015


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I wanted to check in again… it has been sooooo long! ;D

I recently took in a certain popular movie and I was disappointed on a number of levels.  The fanboy in me saw a cookie cutter plot (heroine on a desert planet finds droid with important information with bad guys wanting to desperately find it. She meets up with new friends who then go to a cantina to find transport to deliver the droid/plans. When the plans arrive – the good guys devise a plan to blow up the super weapon just in time before the super weapon destroys them!).  I was entertained, but some of the character development was shallow.  We can only hope for more in Episode 8!

But what really took me aback was the plethora of commercials that preceded the said movie.  There was 21 minutes of them to be exact.  I fully realize the marketing potential and what advertisers are paying for, but as I was reflecting with my son – he noted that we were a captive audience.  Commercial after commercial kept getting me more and more frustrated (BTW many of these ads were insulting to our intelligence)…

I felt helpless with this onslaught of  “consumer brainwashing,” but then remembered what I could and did do… I voted with my feet.  I stood up and walked – not out of the theatre (I didn’t want to miss the movie), but I broke through the stream…

Movement is the movement.

On a larger level, this is the most important message of our time.  More on that sitting is the new disease.  We need to collectively move more and in that we can use the opportunity to also start sending a message back to “the culture.”

Who is ready to stand up for themselves?





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